“Food Police”

“Nanny State” Out Of Control.

“At 8:00 A.M. this morning six year old Jennie Temple was dragged from her house, in front of her shocked parents, and taken to a government facility where she was interrogated for six hours.
Among the things the authorities wanted to know was: Who was the first president of the US, and how do you spell c-a-t. Brought home in tears at the end of the day, little Julia was comforted by family. “We have no idea why they are doing this to our child. She’s a good girl”.
Representatives of the government would only say: “It’s the law”.
In every city across the country this scenario is repeated again and again. If you thought we lived in a land of freedom and justice, think again. Your child is no more than a tool for the ruling class, forcing their ideologies on them. What’s two and two? Seven? 42? No, its four, because the number police say it is. Should your child be free to use their imagination, or just do as the authorities tell them? Do something now, tomorrow may be too late”.
This message was brought to you by Coca-Cola and McMothers for a Free America.

Little Jennie’s story is not hyperbole. Children are controlled by parents and by society. It’s normal. They are also routinely taught habits that will condemn them to lives of difficulty and ill health.

We send our kids to school, sometimes against their will, to learn good habits, and yet we often feed them things they should never even see. We punish them for not learning accepted ways to spell words that they may never use, or the dates of events which may never have taken place. Meanwhile they learn habits which will condemn one third of them to lives dependent on pharmaceuticals and wracked with pain. Diabetes isn’t pretty. No one ever died from bad grammar.

“Food Police” is a phrase often used against those who try to raise societies standards. Should we complain about the police who drag our kids off to schools to learn? Or should we accept that enforcing the common wisdom is the duty of culture?

Of course a well balanced child will ignore a candy vending machine and make good nutritional choices. But we have helmet laws, and seat belt laws because people often make the wrong choices. It isn’t all just a matter of opinion.

If the real food police, the FDA, did their job, we could all relax a bit and have some fun. But the FDA itself is on a short leash, and it’s governed by the market and politics.

Your child’s education is the responsibility of the family and of the ‘state’ because the state is, after all, our community, our culture. If parents fail to teach children how to prepare and eat food, then why not learn that at school, or on television?

Bad nutrition is damaging. It’s not always a matter of personal freedom, or personal taste. If you want to bang your head against the wall, that’s your business. If you want to bang your child’s heads against the wall, that’s everybody‘s business.


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