Culinary Pedophilia

“Formulating for little ones is big business.”

or…Culinary Pedophilia

Last year’s U.S. infant formula industry took in more than $7 billion, according to International Food Ingredients (volume 4, 1996).
The cutesy talk, (‘little ones’) hides the essential cynicism of the product.
The need for high-quality, bioavailable nutrients, as well as the rapid rate of growth occurring during the first few years of life, makes product formulation critical. Due to their importance, infant formulas are heavily regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA revised the U.S. Infant Formula Act of 1980 in 1996 (21 CFR 107.50). The act lists specific requirements for 29 nutrients for healthy babies per 100 kcal of formula. It also requires observance of certain quality-control measures. Ingredients for infant formulas must be food grade – either Food Chemical Codex or United States Pharmacopeia.

We claim we don’t want government interference, but we need laws to establish that ingredients in infant formula must be ‘food grade’.

Would you leave your child alone with this person?


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