Perp Walk

“Control The Food And You Control The People”

~Henry Kissinger

“As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination.

When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.”

~Oscar Wilde

Fake, processed food will be popular as long as we regard it as wicked.

It’s time we started to see it as vulgar.

Their Target Is Your Taste.

Ruining our taste is the most basic form of control and it’s done largely by confusing our tastes. The vast number of ingredients, sauces, condiments and plain crap that most people eat every day is a big reason why many people feel that they can not feed themselves. It’s too complicated. And since so much of our produce and fruit has no flavor, we’ve been conditioned to think that flavor must come from a bottle, or a package, or machine.

The Piazza Di Spagna

“In the highly mechanized countries, thanks to tinned food, synthetic

flavorings, etc., the palate is almost a dead organ.”

~George Orwell, 1937

It’s hard to imagine that in 1937 this could already have been evident, but there it is.

As a socialist, Orwell was concerned with individual expression over the influence of  companies which sought to destroy that dying palate. Forty years later the fight against franchising, chain restaurants, and fast food was brought into focus by Carlo Petrini when he created the Slow food movement in response to plans for a McDonald’s franchise at the ancient and beloved Piazza Di Spagna in Rome.

Slow Food became an engine and symbol for emerging movements worldwide, promoting sustainable agriculture and the organic food movement.

What must always be stressed however, is that the danger is the form itself, not hamburgers, not even corporations. The simple fact of uniformity is the thing which kills life, freedom and the imagination. 

The Piazza Di Crap

Degusto Ergo Sum.

Taste is neither a dirty word nor a sacred one: If you eat what you taste and you are what you eat, then you are your taste.   

From a philosophical point of view, consistency is a basic problem. As glimmers of light begin to show through the cracks in the system, we may finally be reaching critical mass for some kind of revolution. It will happen when we understand that the limitations on our diets have been imposed systemically and with great forethought. Ugliness by design.
It won’t be enough to just think green, we’ll need to find new jobs for the people who work for Monsanto and Dow Chemical. When the system is the problem, the solution must match it in spirit and in scale. If we continue to have our food grown and cooked for us by international conglomerates, we will continue to be their subjects, with all of the free choice and the personal responsibility of ants.

The Colonization Of Your Tongue

So, as Wal-Mart begins to sell organic produce and FastFood starts to pretend to care about your health, remember that if Burger King served only tofu and bean sprouts they would still be guilty of sins of monotony; soul deadening mono-cultures, agricultural political, and esthetic; the grey shroud of sameness which is turning the entire world into a food court.

One culprit is the social mechanism which compels us to participate in a social sphere to which we have no actual entitlement. The same strategies which persuade poor people to elect leaders who make them poorer, allows us to create systems which victimize us. We do as we’re told for the same reason that soldiers do: Obedience is a way to gain membership to an exclusive club, and to abandon responsibility for our actions. The Uniform is the name of a garment but it is also the name for the behavior: Uniformity, monoculture. Fascism exists when enough people decide they want it. It is not merely imposed on them nor is it entirely without their participation. When we obey the orders of McDonalds, Archer Daniels, etc. we are allowing ourselves to be used as soldiers in several wars at once, the class wars which divide poor from rich, the snob wars which divide the sophisticated from the unrefined, and all for free, it’s not our fault.


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