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A Dangerous Mind

The Happy Meal Of Journalism

Now that open season has been declared on Malcolm Gladwell, mainly due to his descent into the mire of corporate shilldom, (via Bank of America), we thought it might be nice to re-visit the glory days.

For those new to this, Malcolm Gladwell may be America’s most useful thinker. If you’re looking to form an opinion on something, you can do no better than to find out what Gladwell thinks, then run away. The sheer wrongness of the man is a joy to behold. It’s virtuosic. But he seems to go into overdrive when the subject is food. In particular, his work on Ketchup, and French Fries, America’s favorite ‘pairing’, shows him to be in a class by himself. Here’s Gladwell’s take on Heinz Ketchup, (revised and annotated): Continue reading