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Metrics, Acuity, and Taste

How Does Your Dog Smell?

Acuity Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be.


A Dog’s’s sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than yours.

Mythical Sommelliers can identify Appellation, vineyard, vintage, of a wine with a single taste, but compared to an average dog, the Sommellier is a block of wood.  And yet, humans possess something infinitely more valuable: Imagination, and the dimension of refined taste. There’s clearly more to this than just sensitivity. What about your taste? Does it matter? Well, because another person can never taste exactly what you taste, your taste can only be compared to itself at another time. And that uniqueness makes your tastes meaningful. Continue reading


Parsing The Kitchen

 What Cooking Is

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Chemistry And Mechanics Make Technique

When we cook, we use three basic skills. Let’s call them Mechanics, Chemistry, and Ephemera.

Mechanics is the hard work of the kitchen, cutting, chopping, peeling, stirring, tossing, whipping, etc. What children do as helpers. Continue reading