Elitism and You

Beware the Elitists!

Don’t be deceived! Those smiles conceal a Cuckoo’s nest of nefarious nogglebonking!

The Genius of Ray Kroc…Making the poor feel rich, (and please don’t tell them!)

Malcolm Gladwell ended one of his most sincere paeans to the status quo with the words: “What we need is another Ray Kroc.”

His point, I think, was that we need a redefinition of the middle class so that those of us who have again been downgraded to tourist class can be made to feel part of the real world, at least for a little while.

Why are people who want to eat whole foods elitist? Because instead of having their meals prepared for them by underpaid servants in shiny Stainless Steel kitchens, they prefer bending over soil and seeds and growing vegetables to eat.

Instead of having their food flown around the world on refrigerated jetliners they prefer to buy it from neighbors, and farmstands.

Elitist Snob Food

Instead of eating products developed by white coated chemists in fantastic laboratories, packaged in plastic, with expensive color photographs, and advertised on TV, like normal Americans, they like boiled roots, fresh berries and biologically honest flavor.

These elitists are deeply conservative and very dangerous.

If they have their way, our children’s heroes could be banished from the land!


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